Downtown Sign Program


Mesa’s Downtown Sign program reimburses up to 100% of the cost for:
•    New signage
•    Maintenance of existing legal or legal non-conforming signs
•    Enhancement of existing sign

Property owners or tenants may apply (with Owner’s approval) and select their own sign company to complete the work. Applicants must work with a professional sign company to develop a simple description with dimensions, sign type (see downtown sign examples document), cost estimate, location on building and other details as requested in the application. After the preliminary application, Selected applicants will submit designs produced by a qualified sign company only after being notified of a grant award by the City. 


Mesa’s Downtown Sign Program is a grant program made possible by a generous grant from the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.
This is a competitive grant with limited funding. Participants will be selected based on evaluation criteria outlined in the program application.
Signs with neon or neon-like elements receive preference points
The grant amount for each business is not defined and will be determined based on the need, value and benefit to the public urban environment of each proposed project. Generally, projects requesting less than $8,000 will be more competitive than those requesting a larger amount. 
Permit and encroachment fees (if applicable) are not covered by the grant.


5:00 PM, February 13th, 2022

Return Applications Here

Jeff Robbins
Downtown Transformation Project Manager

Paper applications can be left at the security desk in the lobby of the Mesa City Plaza Building, 20 E. Main


Downtown Sign Program Application (PDF)
Link to Sign Code ARTICLE 5 - SIGN ORDINANCE | Code of Ordinances | Mesa, AZ | Municode Library
Downtown Sign Examples
Downtown Pedestrian Overlay Area   
Sign Program Agreement (to be provided to awarded applicants)