Downtown Resources

Central Main Plan

The Central Main Plan is the guiding plan for Downtown Mesa. It establishes the policies needed to facilitate the development of property along the extension of the light rail line into a mixed-use, higher intensity, transit-oriented development pattern creating a greater sense of place for current and future residents, achieving greater energy efficiency, and improving sustainability.

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Form Based Code

The Form-Based Code is a zoning overlay that “floats” over the traditional use-based zoning in part of Downtown Mesa. Form-based code focuses on the form and mass of buildings, not the use. Developments can opt-in to the form-based code through a simple administrative approval process.

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Mesa 2040 General Plan

Mesa’s General Plan lays out the vision and the plan for developing a sustainable and health community. Downtown’s character is described in section 7.B.3 (Page 109)

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Police Assistance Program

The Mesa Police Central Business Outreach Program is designed to be a more direct bridge to business in the central district and the police to address concerns. The program allows contact to specific individuals with more time and resources to rectify chronic or persistent issues that regular calls for service have difficulty addressing. The direct link will provide an opportunity to voice non-emergency concerns, report problems, share ideas and foster relationships. There are 4 police contacts that include the Central Community Action Officer, the Central Crime Prevention Specialist, the Central Bike Business Liaison Officer and Community Engagement Officer.

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Quarter Section Map

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Historic Districts 

The original square mile of Mesa is home to three historic districts and four more districts border the original mile. These districts contain numerous examples of early and mid 20th century homes and architecture.  The City has a dedicated historic preservation officer and active historic preservation board.

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Utility Gas and Electric Service Area

Downtown is also served by City Water and City Solid Waste Utilities.

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