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Introducing: Isabel's Mystic Bodyworks

You’ll discover Isabel’s Mystic Bodyworks (and Isabel herself), tucked just off the large, brightly lit

community space in the back of SW Herb Shop & Gathering Space. It’s small and dimly lit – a bit of an adjustment after the community space. But it’s inviting, cozy and comforting. The massage table takes up the most space, but as your eyes adjust, you’ll see that this space has purpose. And you’ll find Isabel Rodriguez filling the space with her calming, reassuring presence.

“My intention is to have good energy in my room,” she explains. The low lighting helps, of course. She plays relaxing music during every session – she does massages, yoga instruction, intuitive card readings that involve tarot cards and sometimes astrology, intuitive body work…and there’s that word again: “Intuitive.” What does it mean, exactly?

“Intuitive means intuition. It’s a feeling or thought or emotion I get through a higher power,” Isabel explains. “It’s more organic with massage - I enter a meditative state, to allow the intuition to flow freely.”

Her formal education included Massage Training at Pima Medical Institute and Yoga Certification at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. And the mystic part? “I was born with it,” she says simply. “There’s no general training when you let yourself be open to it.” Feeling so strongly about mysticism, she included it in her business name after brainstorming ideas with a mentor. “I chose it because I don't only just do massage, a lot of the mysticism is incorporated with all of the services I offer, and I let my intuition flow freely while doing any kind of bodywork.”

Her space is dedicated to the tools of her trade, along with the massage table. A large bookshelf holds a variety of tarot decks, massage oils, aromatherapy essential oils. Every morning, she burns “palo santo” wood, to clear out the energy from the day before and ground the new day’s energy. A personal altar dominates a shelf or two, with items to remind Isabel why she does this work. “When people give me gifts or leave something behind, I add it to my altar.” A glance at the altar reveals a crystal ball, obsidian stone, dried roses, a photo of her family, a toy motorcycle replica of the 100th anniversary Harley Davidson Sportster XL 883R …wait, what? She laughs and comes clean: “It’s a replica of MY motorcycle!” Intuition strikes again - in August 2020, Isabel decided, “I’m going to learn how to drive a motorcycle. There I was, middle of the summer, taking motorcycle lessons.”

Hanging on wall pegs, several “malas” sway gently from the current of the overhead fan. Handmade by a friend, these Buddhist prayer beads include 108 beads (some crystals, some wood) and are used in meditation. “When you focus on something 108 times, you can then focus on the sounds, vibrations, and meaning of what is being said in a meditative state,” Isabel explains.

Before striking out on her own, Isabel worked as a massage therapist at a resort in North Phoenix. In late 2019, she thought, “It’s time to go.”

Four months later, everything shut down.

“When I started in 2019, I didn’t how perfect the timing was to go out my own. The spa I had worked at was closed for two years in 2020, but even having to shut down my own business as mandated, I survived. My clients gradually came back - I think people just missed being touched after those years.”

No longer working at the resort, she now has the freedom to celebrate holidays with friends and family, she has “me-time,” makes her own schedule and explores or does what she pleases. Since she lives in Downtown Mesa, her commute is now only 5 minutes.

Simply put, she wanted to make her life easier. And besides, she adds, “There’s nothing more rewarding than having your own business, making your own money and your own schedule - especially as a young woman.”

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