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Secureone Livescan

Category Contracted Services


132 W Pepper Place
Mesa, AZ 85201

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Secureone Livescan provides fingerprint services for various reasons for the general public. We have held an exclusive contract with the City of Mesa, since January 2017. We were also fortunate enough to be granted the contract for the Mesa Police Department and Mesa Municipal Court this past January 2021. 

Secureone Livescan works directly with AZ DPS, processing fingerprints for Level One Fingerprint Clearance Cards, CCW Permits, Real Estate Agents, Board of Nursing applicants, along with a host of other licensing agencies that require background checks. 

Secureone Livescan captures digital fingerprints using Livescan technology, therefore there is no messy ink and the clarity of your prints are far superior to any fingerprints captured with actual wet ink. We transfer the digital prints directly on to a standard FBI (FGD-258) fingerprint card, so that customers can submit them to wherever they need to. Our process is clean, fast and more importantly, accurate. Most of our customers are able to get in and out within 5 to 7 minutes. 

We are located in Downtown Mesa at 132 W. Pepper Place, Mesa, AZ 85201 just East of the Children's Idea Museum. We have our own dedicated parking lot, so parking is not an issue.  


Monday – 8am-5pm
Tuesday – 8am-5pm
Wednesday – 8am-5pm
Thursday – 8am-5pm
Friday – 8am-5pm
Saturday – closed
Sunday – closed

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