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Do Better Comedy Presents an Open Mic

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Do Better Comedy Presents and OPEN MIC! Monday Nights
List at 7pm. Show begins at 7:30pm.
FREE to performers. $5 to attend.

This mic is anti-racist, andi-misogynist & LGBTQIA+ friendly.

This is a safe space for ALL GENDERS to work on their set. Beginners welcomed and encouraged!
NOTE to attendees: Masks requested when not performing. We want everyone to feel welcome at our mic. Please wear your mask properly while not on stage.

This event is free for performers and $5 if you just want to watch the show!
As a reminder to open mic performers, this mic is anti-racist, anti-misogynist & LGBTQIA+ friendly. Your material does not have to be clean but it cannot punch down. NO PUNCHING DOWN ALLOWED.